About us

Amipem Consultants

It’s an independent Spanish company founded in 2002, formed by professionals with large experience in their areas of activity and dedicated to:

+ Value

The provision of value-added Professional Services

+ Innovation

 The integration of innovative technological solutions

+ Competitive advantages

 Enabling our Clients to obtain competitive advantages

Our Goal

To offer profitable solutions to our clients in the areas of Business Consulting and Information Systems and Technologies, with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) as one of our differential elements.

Our approach

Our working approach is based on the following elements:

  • The creation of value for our Customers.

  • Technological innovation applicable to the improvement of work processes, based on a commitment to innovative approaches, on the development of solutions and on the relationship with world leading manufacturers.

  • A solution from beginning to end, with the involvement of the Customer and based on their work processes.

  • Corporate commitment and quality solutions for a long-term relationship with customers.

  • A team of experienced and motivated professionals

Amipem Consultants

It is made up of professionals with large experience and knowledge in Business Consulting

It is made up of professionals with experience and knowledge in Business Consulting and Information Technologies, with high specialization in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): this is a differential characteristic.

Our Company maintains a continuous commitment to the development of solutions and investment in R+D+i, to offer innovative approaches to our Clients.

At Amipem we want to be a partner of our Clients in the Information Technology area, in long term and linked to the evolution of their business.

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Amipem Consultants sets itself the objective of reaching long-term collaborative relationships with our clients supported by our services, experience, professionalism and the tools at our disposal.

  • Our solution approach is based on involvement with the Client in achieving the objectives that govern their activity, which would not be possible without a strategy based on the concepts of performance of competence, transparency, flexibility and long-term vision.

  • Amipem’s Professional Collaboration Proposals are always prepared taking into account the client’s starting situation, its processes, procedures and operations, which are taken into account from a previous consulting activity and evaluation of the project’s viability.

  • Our starting premise when undertaking a project is to face it by adopting an approach that facilitates the achievement of the objective with the maximum guarantees of success.

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