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Technology and process consulting is a service provided by Amipem, highly applicable to the first steps in complex projects that may lead to a transformation in the organization, both from the point of view of the role that such transformation may have in the strategy and in specific and operational aspects.

The Consultancy can focus on different actions:

  • Analysis and Design of technological solutions in the field of Information Technology and, specifically, in the field of Automatic Identification (AIT) and Automatic Data Capture (AIDC)

  • Analysis and design of solutions to use such technologies as a lever for innovation and improvement of operational processes, for example, aligned with the world of Internet of Things (IoT) and the 4.0 environment

  • Carrying out Technology Concept Tests adapted to each case and using available devices options

  • Viability analysis of projects, to offer profitable solutions to our Clients from the following points of view:

    • Technical viability
    • Economic viability
    • Organizational viability
  • Evaluation of how to integrate innovation solutions with the Client’s existing management systems

Projects management

Amipem’s approach with its Clients is to manage the Projects in a complete way, taking into account the aspects of:

  • Its organization

  • The conceptual framework and the relationship and integration with other management systems

  • The reaching

  • The project schedule and milestones

  • The cost

  • The expected results

  • The management of the human resources involved

  • The communication

Development of Innovation Solutions

Amipem has been working from the beginning on the development of innovation solutions and on the continuous attention to the technological innovations available and on how to use them effectively for their practical application to the projects of our Clients.

In addition, an important asset of Amipem, based on its experience and the long list of projects carried out, is to be able to cross experiences with different technologies, products, applications, processes and sectors of activity when proposing a Solution to our Clients.

In this line, Amipem has developed, in collaboration with technology manufacturers and other suppliers, different RFID tag devices and Hardware (readers and antennas) adapted to the case.

Software and Middleware Development

Amipem develops Software and Middleware applications tailored to its Clients’ Projects and has a wide range of development tools at its disposal.
In this sense, depending on each Client and Project, the general management systems must be taken into account.

Installation and Implementation

Amipem carries out the complete installation and implementation services of the proposed solution, up to its start-up and operation: “Turnkey” projects.


Among the services that Amipem can provide is the maintenance of the specific installations supplied and also of the developed and implemented applications.


This line of service is applied to certain processes within the field of Information Systems and their management and according to the Client’s needs.


At Amipem we focus on providing the client with the necessary training for the implementation of the project, as well as to impart the necessary content for the corresponding work areas.

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