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In the category of passive RFID Antennas there is a very wide variety, depending on their characteristics, performance, size or destination

  • Circular or linear polarity

  • Reading range: short, medium or long, depending on various conditions, such as size, reader, power or type of RFID Tag

  • Size: very diverse, depending on its use: from small ones of 34 x 34 mm to other medium ones of 170 x 170 mm, or 270 x 270 mm and other large ones for passage areas: 587 x 273 mm or 1,000 x 290mm. Or specials even longer

  • A wide range of packages depending on their use, installation and working environment:

    • Encapsulation and IP protection factor
    • ATEX / No ATEX
    • With customised machining and cable lengths
    • For vertical or horizontal installation, to form arches, passage areas or control boxes, floor (step or carpet type), …
    • For use more or less compatible with metal or with humidity or water, …

Types of antennas

Depending on the solution you need


170 mm x 170 mm.
Circular polarisation with 4 dBic gain and 85º vertical and horizontal aperture.


270 mm x 270 mm.
Circular polarisation with 9 dBic gain and 65º vertical and horizontal aperture.


587 mm x 273 mm.
Circular polarisation with 11 dBic gain and 65º vertical and 30º horizontal aperture.


1000 mm x 290 mm.
Circular polarisation.


34 mm x 34 mm x 7 mm
Mounted on a 40 mm x 40 mm PCB, with 10 cm coaxial cable and SMA female connector.


12 mm
Refined and space-saving external housing. Unbeatable levels of discretion and elegance


587 mm x 273 mm
Maximum level of possible discretion in areas with limited space, such as under the point of sale counter…


915mm x 305mm
Low profile floor antenna for covering doors. It has been designed for access control solutions in events, offices and hospitals.

Specific products for each solution

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