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Etiquetas pasivas

Multiple classifications of passive RFID tags and labels can be established, depending on their characteristics and their
application to multiple cases.

  • By internal antenna: a multitude of designs available, in size and shape: circular, square, rectangular, from few mm to 100 mm or more.

  • By reading distance: it will depend on the internal antenna and the reading system: from few centimetres to 20 meters

  • By encapsulation: it can vary from a minimal or light encapsulation (paper, polypropylene,…) to a robust or very robust one (ceramic, ABS, plastic,…) which will have an impact on:
    – Your IP: available up to IP69 and resistance to continuous use

    – The operating temperature:

    • The general one for electronics, from -20ºC to + 70ºC
    • Special tags: from -40C to + 220 / 250ºC

    – Compatible with ATEX environments

    – By fixing systems: with adhesive, with mechanical fixing or by insertion

  • By the type of reading and recording by the user:

    • Only reading
    • Rewritable
  • Due to its frequency: LH (125 and 134 KHz), HF (13.56 MHz) and UHF: from 860 to 960 MHz

  • In the case of UHF Tags, to be taken into account according to the frequency range for each country:

    • Global: 860 to 960 MHz
    • American: between 902 and 928 MHz
    • European: between 865 and 868 MHz
  • By type of IC: there are multiple options, depending on the manufacturers

  • By usage memory: to distinguish between EPC (Electronic Product Code) and user memory, which can vary from a few bits to 512

Specific products for each solution

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