RFID Solutions

Technology consulting with more than 20 years of experience in the sector

The benefits

An RFID Solution can be a technological platform for reviewing and rethinking processes with the aim of achieving the following:

  • Increasing Productivity

  • Improvementin costs and resources optimisation

  • Improvement in the reliability and safety in operations

  • Increase the control and tracking of equipment and products

  • Reduction of human mistakes

  • Improvement in the efficiency of operations

Amipem Consultants

Experts in RFID Solutions

Amipem provides value-added professional services for innovation and applies RFID-based technological solutions to enable our Clients to achieve their objectives and gain competitive advantages. 

In addition to its capabilities as a technology integrator to develop tailor-made projects, it has a wide range of proven successful Business Solutions.



by Amipem


We have the technology solutions to apply to any business activity which can be designed for:
  • Identification
  • Management
  • Control
  • Maintenance
  • Operation
  • Traceability
  • Innovation
  • Process improvement and redesign


Areas of activity
  • Assets and productive equipment
  • Warehouses
  • Raw materials, in-process and finished products
  • Incoming and outgoing shipments
  • Production operations of all types
  • Production and support lines and processes
  • Logistics, traffic and operations: packages and goods
  • Operators, presence and wages
  • Events
  • Temperature
  • Alignment between loading and information flows


We cover solutions for multiple sectors:









Tailor-made projects

Amipem provides services in:

  • Consultancy

  • Project management

  • Development of technological innovation solutions

  • Software and Middleware Development

  • Installation and implementation

  • Maintenance

  • Outsourcing

  • Training

Always innovating

Latest publications

Revolutionizing the Industry: The Future of RFID Technology in the Next 5 Years

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has become an essential component of digital transformation in the industrial sector. Over the next five years, RFID technology is poised to unleash a series of innovations that will drive efficiency, visibility and automation in the industry. Below, we explore how this technology is expected to radically change the way industrial companies operate.

Tooling management

It is common for the costs of tools and tooling and their proper use to be considered only as fixed costs of the company, but their management is much more important in manufacturing lines.

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