RFID Products


Within the PDA category, there is a wide variety of options, depending on their features and performance, or intended use, as true handheld computers.

  • Android or Windows operating system

  • Processors of different types and performance

  • RAM + ROM: up to 3GB + 32GB

  • Different screen sizes, available up to 5.2″

  • With own keyboard or on-screen keyboard

  • Battery in various formats and capacities, e.g. up to 8,000 mAh, removable and with internal battery for uninterrupted operations

  • Como ordenador de mano con o sin RFID

  • Various options:

    • 1D and 2D barcode scanner, with different features
    • WiFi, BT, telephony communication
    • RFID: LF, HF and NFC, UHF
    • Camera
    • GPS
    • Iris or fingerprint recognition
    • Integration with printers
    • IP and drop protection, variable depending on models and with possible external protections
    • Encapsulation for possible sanitary use
  • RFID in different formats:

    • Integrated in the device itself
    • With integrated gun with trigger
    • With an external gun that can be attached to the handheld computer
    • As a racket type reader with Android or IoS support; BT, BLE, with memory for Tags
    • Circular or linear polarisation
    • With reading distances from a few centimetres up to 15 metres (depending on the tag)

Specific products for each solution

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