A simple and economical
DWS solution for the complete
identification of your pallets








  • Light installation and reduced size

  • Reliable data capture, in a single act

  • Improvement in pallet operation time

  • Integration of identification data, weight and dimension


What is kubia?

Pallet management

It is a technological solution for the management of pallets or other types of merchandise in logistics and warehouse operations, with the aim that operations are:

  • reliable, generating weighing, identification and sizing data in a single act

  • simple and quick to use

  • with minimal human intervention from warehouse staff

¿Who is Kubia targeting?

To warehouse managers and logistics and transport operators who have pallet traffic of varied dimensions and weights and who need to manage such data in their operations.

kubia benefits

  • Reliability of operations

  • Improvement in work times

  • Possibility of redefining some operations involving the forklift in a warehouse

  • Adjusted and competitive cost: it facilitates having multiple DWS identification points in an installation and reordering the flow of your traffic.

  • Integration of the data of the packages and the forklift that can facilitate the marking of the movements within the installation

  • Reliability and security of data through blockchain

Specific products for each solution

We adapt the solution to your business