RFID products

Active labels

They include an internal power source and can read and emit by themselves.

  • Activity linked to their battery

  • Higher cost

  • Increased read range and storage capacity

  • Increased functionality

Goods Traceability

In road transport

Amipem has developed projects based on active technology, with the aim of managing the traceability of goods in controlled temperature road transport.  In addition to temperature, other sensors have been added to obtain other types of information: GPS (location), light sensor (door opening), humidity, etc.

There are two ways of managing the temperature in transport:

  • Temperature Control of the transport unit
  • Temperature Control of the products being transported.

Stand-alone tag

Stand-alone tag with dynamic display to identify, locate and update the status of assets and their cargo. It is part of an integrated technological solution.

Specific products for each solution

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