Amipem presents its new corporate image

We are very pleased to inform you of the change in AMIPEM's corporate image, which is not only an aesthetic change in the logo, but also a reinforcement of our company values as a strategic commitment.

Web actualizada y presencia en Linkedin

A change of image goes hand in hand with a renewal of communication channels. Not only is the change reflected not only in the stationery materials or email signature footers, but it has also been applied to the website in a visual and more aesthetic way, adapted to this new language.

Within our digital presence, we want our communication to be closer and more fluid. To this end, we have created social profiles on the professional network LinkedIn to explore new business relationships and expand our networking.

AMIPEM’s revamped image in anticipation of its 20th anniversary

The premiere of the company’s new corporate image is a prelude to the 20th anniversary that AMIPEM will celebrate in 2022.

Formed by professionals in the areas of Business Consulting and Information Systems and Technologies, we stand out for our specialisation in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) as our great differential value.

Our beginnings were not in the sector of large system implementations. AMIPEM had to explain that it came from the field of Information Technology, business consulting and high-level systems and processes in business management as levers of change. We opted for specialisation in one of them, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). These were the first commercial RFID applications in Spain in animal identification.

From there we began to transpose it to inanimate objects (boxes, products…) and we discovered the possibilities of doing things differently. Nowadays, RFIDs are more accepted and there are other realities such as 4.0 technology or the Internet of Things.

What we do is generate data where and when it is generated.

The leap that we have made to help our customers is to make the available technology usable. To make it applicable to their work processes by improving them or designing them in a different way to optimise the results.

In these 20 years we have been able to keep up to date, trained and informed of the latest technological changes. We are always on guard to take advantage, with business sense, of new developments and apply them in line with our innovative character.

The renewal of the image revitalises the AMIPEM brand to improve and continue to move forward with projects and new products such as the one we are now presenting: DYN LABEL.

DYN LABEL the electronic label of the future for the industry and logistics of today

DYN LABEL, as a wireless technology, is the result of many years of experience and experimentation with certain types of devices working together in a coordinated way. DL is an example of the result of accumulating knowledge in applications that can be interlinked.

DYN LABEL is a stand-alone label with dynamic display capable of identifying, locating and supporting status, properties, dynamic changes and updates of assets, cargo or goods carriers.

This solution brings improvements in processes, reliability of operations, efficiency and better use of resources.

The future within specialisation

Today, AMIPEM, as integrators, is growing in the development of tailor-made and highly specialised projects.

We are continuously committed to the development of solutions through investment in R&D in order to achieve long-term collaboration with our customers and achieve their objectives, with a strategy based on transparency and flexibility.

Links to AMIPEM news

We invite you to visit the new AMPIEM page at and join our network of contacts on the Linkedin page AMIPEM CONSULTORES S.L.

Likewise, please visit the page of our flagship project DYN LABEL at and follow its Linkedin account DYN LABEL.

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