Tooling management

It is common for the costs of tools and tooling and their proper use to be considered only as fixed costs of the company, but their management is much more important in manufacturing lines.

What is tooling traceability?

Although it may seem a complex definition, the idea behind this concept is simple. In the industrial, food or pharmaceutical world, for example, it is normal for a product to have a long route until it reaches the end customer. These are itineraries traced for each item, which will follow a route from an initial location to the end point. But it is essential and necessary to know its traceability so that no data on that item is lost during that itinerary.

This concept also extends today to tooling due to the great interest in guaranteeing the traceability of these tools, which are essential for the manufacture of products that will reach the customer. As a result, companies have recently shown greater interest in the traceability of tools and equipment, which ultimately facilitates the improvement of process reliability.

It is clear that within industry, tooling is an indispensable and valuable asset in production and operating plants.

Why should tooling be monitored?

  • Because it is necessary to control their use and maintenance. Preventive maintenance of tooling must be ensured. The lack of control over them can mean a considerable cost for companies, as they can lose efficiency in their assembly/production chain.
  • Because their location must be known at all times. Losing control over their location due to human error, theft or damage can have expensive economic consequences.
  • Because if there is a tooling failure, the parts manufactured by them can be identified.
  • For excellent inventory management

Although these items may be in constant movement and subjected to the effects of dirt, dust, high temperature, etc., it is necessary to ensure the planned revisions for their proper use and thus guarantee the durability and renewal of the markings.

AMIPEM CONSULTORES solutions with RFID Radio Frequency Identifiers

AMIPEM, aware of these problems and needs, offers the solution through the development of a tool traceability system that works through RFID in order to:

  • Collect data in real time and without the need for paper.
  • Manage tooling in a controlled manner.
  • Provide up-to-date information.
  • Improve preventive maintenance
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency on the assembly line.

This system is capable of identifying elements automatically with a non-contact reading and is very versatile to adapt to very different situations.

It is a tool that allows the digital transformation of many processes or activities that may be forgotten within the tooling use chain and significantly improve productivity, reliability and production time.

AMIPEM is solution and technological innovation.

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The future within specialisation

Today, AMIPEM, as integrators, is growing in the development of tailor-made and highly specialised projects.

We are continuously committed to the development of solutions through investment in R&D in order to achieve long-term collaboration with our customers and achieve their objectives, with a strategy based on transparency and flexibility.

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