Project “GETRA”

The two objectives of the Consortium, when it was set up at the end of 2018, focused on capturing data on the continuous traceability of critical freight variables and making it available to the shipper, carrier and consignee in real time.

Madrid. 28th June 2019. – The consortium coordinated by CITET and formed by UNO, Organización Empresarial de Logística y Transporte; the Spanish Logistics Centre (CEL); AMIPEM Consultores, a service company expert in the design and implementation of sensorisation technologies, and HAVI Logistics, a logistics operator specialising in the world of catering, has worked over the last few months on the “GETRA” project, a solution based on IoT (Internet of Things) and RFID (NFC and UHF) technology to achieve traceability and monitoring of temperature-controlled goods and make them available in real time to the shipper, transporter and consignee. This solution has been supported by funding for Innovative Business Groups from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

This project had two objectives: on the one hand, to reliably capture data on the continuous traceability of critical variables (including temperature and relative humidity) of the goods, and on the other, to make them available to the shipper, the carrier and the consignee as they are generated in real time, in the preparation of the load, during the journey itself and at the end of the journey.

To achieve these objectives, GETRA is based on the following infrastructure elements: motes (autonomous sensorised devices in contact with the goods); gateways (devices that send messages from the vehicle to the central system); mobiles or PDAs (as standard data capture and communication tools); and a central system (web platform for configuration and control of the entire system).

The future implementation of the GETRA project is expected to provide a complex, advanced and innovative solution based on specific hardware and software developments in conjunction with some information technologies already available and widely used.

The versatility of the solution that will be obtained as a result of the project is one of the particularly relevant elements due to the fact that it is aimed at the logistics and transport sector. An activity where immediacy in time, place and space is a priority, to serve different work models, processes, operators, agents… In this line, GETRA will ensure that the monitored indicators of the cold chain are reliable, are communicated to the interested parties in a timely and secure manner and help in decision-making with real-time information.

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